California Preppers – A Few Tips Before you Build a Shipping Container Shelter

Northern and Southern California have hundreds, if not thousands of shipping containers pouring through their ports on a daily basis.  California also plays host to some of the most severe wild files and natural disasters in all of the 50 States – which is why there are so many preppers in California.

Preppers aren’t the lunatic fringe that you see on television shows (granted, there are exceptions).  Preppers are considerate, forward thinking people that plan and train for potential disasters, both naturally occuring and man made.  One idea from our industry, the container industry, that preppers have taken a shine to is the repurposing of used shipping containers.  Lots of people from San Diego to San Francisco convert used containers into storage units, tool sheds, and modular housing.  Preppers have been buying them and taking the creativity up a notch by using them for storm shelters, “bug out cabins”, and fall out shelters.

One commonn link between preppers and those using containers for more pedestrian uses are the initial questions that they ask.  Almost all initial questions have to deal with

  1. Delivering the container, stuffing it, and relocationing it,
  2. Burying some or all of the container,
  3. Retrofitting it with doors and windows.

Rather than rewrite their full article, I’ll direct you to read more about converting used shipping containers into shelters on the site.



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